I actually listened a few podcast related to this topic. The most interesting was: https://freakonomics.com/podcast/whats-wrong-with-being-a-one-hit-wonder/. Very interesting views on this.

The other wasn’t directly related, but listened to a podcast about George Lucas. His career is extraordinary - films, audio, visual effects - he also founded Pixar which blew my mind.

I think there is something about the ability to reinvent yourself or show more than one string to your bow (in that initial success) that allows others to see you as more than a one hit wonder.

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Yes, love this Daniel! I'll go listen to the Freakonomics episode now!

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May 27, 2023Liked by Polina Pompliano

It does remind me of athletes who get given the term "one-season wonder" if they make it big from an atypical start. The name sticks even if they continue to have success, like Harry Kane (England's leading goalscorer), still has that label somehow.

I think it's the burst that brings someone from unknown to known that makes people remember the change in media perception

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