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The Profile Dossier: Martha Stewart, America's First Self-Made Female Billionaire

The Profile: The shepherd-turned-billionaire & the kid who cracked YouTube's algorithm

The Profile Dossier: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, the Most Likable Person In the World

If You Feel Like You Have an Insatiable Need for Control, Read This

The Profile: The most original thinker in tech & the power couple taking on Tesla

The Profile's 2020 Year in Review

The Profile Dossier: Daniel Ek, the No-Nonsense Founder Who Built a Creative Empire

The Profile: The man who builds impossible things & the obscure billion-dollar media giant

The Profile Dossier: Jim Koch, the Self-Made Beer Billionaire

Noah Galloway on Combating Depression, Building Mental Resilience, and Starting Over

The Profile: The refugee who went from rags to riches & the $2 billion mall rats

The Profile Dossier: Katie Arnold, the Ultra-Athlete Who Outran Her Anxiety

The Profile: The man reinventing philanthropy & Amazon's biggest threat

The Anthony Bourdain Principle: How to Build Better Relationships With Strangers

The Profile Dossier: Anthony Bourdain, the World's Most Beloved Chef

The Profile: America's wind billionaire & the startup that failed at launch

How Labels Shape Our Reality and Limit Our Ability to Reason

The Profile Dossier: Matthew McConaughey, Hollywood's 'Whiskey Philosopher'

The Profile: The billionaire who lived a double life & the news giant cracking from within

The Profile Dossier: Aaron Sorkin, the Mastermind Behind America's Favorite Films

The Profile: The man helping you get out of debt & the company making hair loss cool

The Profile Dossier: Debbie Millman, the Designer Helping You Build a Better Life

The Profile: The investors betting big on crypto & the billionaire who fell from grace

Why Time Is Our Most Precious Resource

The Profile Dossier: Lin-Manuel Miranda, the King of Broadway

The Profile: The CEO of America's most mysterious company & the improbable podcasting expert

The Profile Dossier: Tara Westover, the Relentless Student Who Overcame It All

Exclusive Interview with 'Humans of New York' Creator Brandon Stanton

Inside the Mind of 'Humans of New York' Creator Brandon Stanton

The Profile: The founder making jetpacks a reality & USC's dying linebackers

The Profile Dossier: Bob Bowman, The Coach Who Produces Champions

The Profile: The $60-billion woman & the best investor you’ve never heard of

How to Be Happy In a World Designed to Depress You

The Profile Dossier: Tyler Perry, the Hollywood Reject Who Built a Billion-Dollar Empire

The Profile: The billionaire who thrives in crisis & J.P. Morgan's crime ring

7 Questions With Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey

The Profile Dossier: Cheryl Strayed, the Wanderer Who Found Peace

The Profile: The founder living in an alternate reality & the biggest dealmaker in medicine

Brandon Stanton, the Photographer Who Captures Our Humanity

The Profile: The billionaire who will die broke & Google's wartime leader

What the Dramatic Origin Story of the Oxford English Dictionary Can Teach Us About Innovation

The Profile Dossier: Guy Raz, the Entrepreneur Whisperer

The Profile: The man who killed Hollywood & the sports gambling hustler

How Our Memories Shape Our Identities

How the World's Most Creative People Bring Their Ideas to Life

The Profile Dossier: Grant Achatz, America's Most Creative Chef Playing Mind Games

The Profile: Hollywood’s newest billionaire & China’s detention camp prisoners

Why Democracy Requires Action

The Profile Dossier: Troy Carter, Silicon Valley’s Favorite Talent Manager

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The Facebook billionaire’s second act & the conscience of Silicon Valley

Why the World's Most Confident People Create Alter Egos

The Profile Dossier: Hugh Jackman, the Philosopher of Hollywood

The Profile: Robinhood’s billionaire founders & TikTok’s secret weapon

11 Practical Pieces of Advice I'd Give My Younger Self

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How You Can Use "Hanlon’s Razor" to Avoid Petty Arguments

The Profile: Spotify's biggest dealmaker & the corporate kidnappers

How the Language You Speak Influences Your Mental Frameworks

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20 Business Power Players Share Their All-Time Favorite Reads

The Profile Dossier: Kyle Carpenter, the Fearless Warrior Who Came Back From the Dead

Why Talking to Strangers Can Boost Your Mood

The Profile Dossier: Paul Ekman, the Human Lie Detector

The king of Mars & the startup that blew through $100 million

The Profile Dossier: Hamdi Ulukaya, the Shepherd-Turned-Billionaire CEO

The Profile: The NFL’s $503 million man & America’s secretive $2B research hub

100 Couples Share Their Secrets to a Successful Relationship

The Profile Dossier: Scott Kelly, the Astronaut Preparing Humanity for Mars

The Profile: The hot startup that crashed back to Earth & the moonshine connoisseurs

COVID-19 Destroyed Our Wedding Plans. We Got Married Anyway.

Here's the advice my great-grandmother gave me after 53 years of marriage

The Profile Dossier: John Gottman, the Love Scientist

11 Lessons I Learned After Reading 1,000+ Profiles of Successful People

Leaning In to Boredom Can Help You Become More Creative

The Profile: America's ghost kitchens & the mega-mansion king

The Profile Dossier: Shonda Rhimes, the Hollywood Rule-Breaker

The Profile: The leader who killed her city & Wall Street’s most aggressive investor

3 Ways to Attract More Luck Into Your Life

The Profile Dossier: Anthony Ray Hinton, the Innocent Man on Death Row

The Profile: Silicon Valley’s VC legend & the quarantine matchmaker

9 Captivating Stories to Read This Father’s Day

I quit my job at the start of the pandemic to launch a company. Here’s what I’ve learned in the first 90 days.

The Profile Dossier: Elon Musk, the Architect of the Future

The Profile: The Musk of steamy romance & the civil rights leader full of hope

The Profile Dossier: Fred Rogers, the Nicest Man in the Neighborhood

The Profile: America’s therapist & the billionaire criticizing the rich

The Profile Dossier: Chris Hadfield, the Astronaut Who Conquered Fear

The Profile: The fake billionaire caught in a web of lies & the WeWork of weed

The Profile Dossier: Charlie Munger, the Master of Mental Models

The Profile: SpaceX’s secret weapon & the astronauts taking a historic spaceflight

The Profile Dossier: Sara Blakely, the Self-Made Billionaire

The Profile: The hacker who saved the internet & the startup fast-tracking Ford’s self-driving cars

The Profile Dossier: Malcolm Gladwell, The Thinker Selling Good Ideas

The Profile: The ex-Google CEO advising the U.S. military & the ice swimming champions

The Science Behind Why Social Isolation Can Make You Lonely

The Profile Dossier: Kenneth Feinberg, the Master of Disaster

Why Power Is Synonymous With Freedom

The Profile: The wartime CEO leading the battle against COVID-19 & the Hollywood vigilante

The Profile Dossier: Courtney Dauwalter, the 200-mile race champion

The Profile: The CEO who could make or break democracy & Batman’s search for meaning

The Profile Dossier: Ira Glass, the King of Storytelling

Life Will Always Be Chaotic & Uncertain — And That's OK

The Profile Dossier: Chris Voss, the FBI Hostage Negotiator

The Profile: The king of venture capital & the founder who lost $1 billion in one month

How You Can Benefit From People-Driven Learning

The Profile Dossier: Esther Perel, the Relationship Guru

The Profile: The Saudi prince who shook the world & the $3-billion beauty titan

The Profile Dossier: Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Curious Starman

Meet New York Photographer Jeremy Cohen Whose Work Went Viral During Quarantine

The Profile Original: The Faces of American Business

NYC Barbershop Owner: ‘New Yorkers Have Been Forced to Slow Down for Once’

Cedar Lakes Estate Co-Founder Lisa Karvellas: ‘It’s About So Much More Than the Bottom Line’

In Times of COVID-19, Fitness Entrepreneur Says Creativity Is More Important Than Ever

First-Time Entrepreneur Confronts the Realities of Doing Business in the Time of COVID-19

Denver Restaurateur on Dining Out In Times of Turmoil: ‘It’s Supposed to Be Comforting’

NYC’s Little Tong Noodle Shop Owner Is Optimistic About the Future of Chinese Restaurants in the United States

The Coronavirus Shutdown Presents ‘a Level of Stress Beyond Anything I’ve Ever Experienced’

The Profile Dossier: Annie Duke, the Master of Uncertainty

The Profile: The ‘bat woman’ who hunts viruses & the scientists on the frontlines of the pandemic

The Profile: The real-life James Bond & the king of videoconferencing

The Profile: The mastermind behind Trump’s Facebook campaign & the Bridgewater star that flamed out

The Profile: The band of thieves turning crime into art & the Bernie Madoff of rare books

The Profile: The billionaires hooked on psychedelics & the best investor you’ve never heard of

The Profile: The mountaineers finding calm in suffering & Silicon Valley’s favorite doomsayer

The Profile: The reality-bending billionaire & the arctic explorer who cheated death

The Profile: The king of online poker bending federal law & America’s sweetheart raising her voice

The Profile: The philosopher-king of podcasting & WeWork’s forgotten co-founder

The Profile: The most feared man in finance & the Instagram CEO taking away the likes

The Profile: The billionaires behind America’s predator drones & Twitter’s favorite politician

The Profile: The elite soldiers rescuing Navy SEALS & the TikTok stars living in a content house

The Profile Dossier: Bryan Stevenson, the Death Row Lawyer